Quarter Awards and End of the Year Awards!

Bob Bradford ​Westside High School Scholarship Winners

2017 Stella Beardsley and Kiara Orendor - Hurt

2018 Wynter Tindall and Ruby Ponce'

2019 Kaia McCollum and Erica Martinez


​2021 Sarah Smith and Leslie Flores

​2022 Christian Keller and Fay Sizemore

2023 Ashya Mellick and Cristofer Perez

​Lion Mert Hiatt Scholarship Winners

2016  Megan Anderson and Destiny Hamilton

​2017  John Kottkamp

​2018  Austin Blakney

2019  Matthew Clive, Mason Brown, Ryan Kelley, Andrew Kelley and Ella Jones

2020  Ty Waterman

​2021  Rory Swoboda

​2022 Lindsay Blakney

2023 Colby Musser, Greer Swoboda and Rory Swoboda for the Continuing Scholarship

​Peace Poster Winners

​Pioneer Middle School

​1st Place - Halle Stegeman

​2nd Place - Chloe Nelson

3rd Place - Beau Middleton

Orchard Middle School

1st place - Lindsey Baker

2nd place - Lili Williams

​3rd place - Sophia Andreini