The Wenatchee Central Lions have helped many needy Wenatchee Valley citizens acquire hearing aids to help them to be able to hear again. 

To see if you qualify for hearing aids please contact Sheryl at HomeTown Hearing at 509-888-3277 or 612 Valley Mall Parkway in East Wenatchee, WA  98802 for an application.



BLOSSOM CREEK MEMORY CARE                                                                          1740 MADISON STREET                          WENATCHEE, WA  98801

​BLOSSOM VALLEY ASSISTED LIVING                                                                     1704 ORCHARD STREET                         WENATCHEE, WA  98801

COLONIAL VISTA RETIREMENT                                                                                 601 OKANOGAN                                   WENATCHEE, WA  98801

​COSTCO OPTICAL                                                                                          375 HIGHLINE DRIVE S                          EAST WENATCHEE, WA  98802

​DR. NATHAN SCOTT, OD                                                                                           126 E JOHNSON ST                                 CHELAN,    WA  98816

​EVERGREEN OPTICAL                                                                                          351 ORONDO ST                                      WENATCHEE, WA  98801

​EYE AND EAR CLINIC                                                                                               933 RED APPLE ROAD                           WENATCHEE, WA  98801

​FOR YOUR EYES ONLY                                                                                           14 S WENATCHEE AVE                            WENATCHEE, WA  98801

​JONES $ JONES - BETTS FUNERAL HOME                                                               302 NINTH STREET                                 WENATCHEE, WA  98801

​OPTICAL OUTFITTERS AT WENATCHEE VALLEY CLINIC                                          803 N EMERSON                                     WENATCHEE, WA  98801

​SHOPKO OPTICAL                                                                                                 1340 N WENATCHEE AVE                        WENATCHEE, WA  98801

​THE FLOOR FACTORY                                                                                            13 S WENATCHEE AVE                             WENATCHEE, WA  98801

Vision Source                                                                                                     1190 5th St                                          Wenatchee WA  98801

​WALMART OPTICAL                                                                                                2000 N WENATCHEE AVE                      WENATCHEE, WA  98801

​WENATCHEE VALLEY SENIOR CENTER                                                                     1312 MAPLE                                         WENATCHEE, WA  98801

The Wenatchee Central Lions have helped many needy Wenatchee Valley citizens acquire eyeglasses.  Here is the procedure:  pick up an application from Evergreen Optical at 351 Orondo St., fill it out and mail it to the address located on the bottom of the application.  Please include any current eyeglass prescription.  You will be contacted in approximately two months if your application has been accepted or denied.  The criteria for assistance is based on need.  Application can also be obtained on the website as well through the application button below.